Redding Core Aeration

The practice of Core Aeration is the best kept secret to a lush green lawn.

Core Aeration is a multi-faceted mechanical process of extracting rich soil and placing it where water, air and nutrients can be utilized by your grass to maximum capacity. This should be done at least once a year, and twice a year for trouble areas like shaded and or high traffic areas.

Core Aeration is usually practiced in spring and fall, but is occasionally done in midsummer for re-seeding or high traffic situations. Golf courses aerate twice a year. Why? Because it works!

Why Is It Important?

Core Aeration is Legacy service that can't be recommend enough. It covers everything from establishing healthy root systems in your lawn to saving you money on your water bill. Core aeration has some of the best organic bang for your buck.


1. We mark your sprinklers as this makes sure we don't ruin them.

2. We aerate your lawn.

3. We clean up all cores and dirt left on hard surface areas. (The cores in the grass will Dissolve on their own within 4-6 weeks when watered).


Core Aeration is usually done in the spring or fall as the root growth and recovery is always at a higher percentage. Sometimes it is good to do this mid-summer if you are re-seeding your lawn. Core Aeration is often done right before seeding as this produces a much higher success rate. 


As a rule of thumb, heavy traffic areas should have two aeration services per year, and usual growth areas need at least one per year. At the end of the day Core Aeration frequency completely depends on the health, or compaction, nutritional value and drainage of your soil and grass.


Redirects the growth of grass roots towards depth and density verses outward where the grass loses density because roots are crowding and killing each other out.


Un-compacts the soil structure so air and water can get deeper in the ground encouraging the roots to grow in drought tolerance, endurance, and density. Not only does it help minimize water run-off, Core Aeration will also bring the nutrients of the good soil that gets lost with foot traffic to the top where the nutrients dissolve into the grass when watered within 4-6 weeks.


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