Redding Fertilization & Weed Control

Our Green Lawn program is an 8 treatment service that fights and terminates those challenging weeds in your lawn to get a beautiful lawn year round.

How do we do it?

Part of having a healthy lawn is understanding your enemy: weeds. In order to combat the pesky plants we test our clients soil temperature. In turn, that will tell us with great accuracy, what types of weeds are beginning to germinate in the lawn. It also shows us when to tackle the problem. After a lot of research into tools, fertilizers, and safe weed killers we are able to determine a successful treatment plan for your lawn.

Why is it important?

This Redding landscaping service banishes the pesky weeds that ruin the nice carpet-like lawn of your dreams. Rather than fighting so hard all year round to keep your lawn on top of its game, this program puts you on top of your game. It is the final piece of the puzzle when going for supreme curb appeal. This is it! No more weeds, only deep green lawn - we guarantee it.

Redding Fertilization & Weed Control

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